WPL B36 “Ural” 1/16-scale 6×6 Military Truck

WPL B36 “Ural” 1/16-scale 6×6 Military Truck

If you’re in the mood for a project, the 1/16-scale radio-control trucks from WPL and HengLong have proven to be quite the canvas for some unique, custom creations. The latest military-style rig from WPL is the B36 “Ural”, a 6×6 armored communications rig. Available in both kit and ready-to-run (RTR) form, this new truck fits right in among the other offerings from this brand.

The inner-workings of this truck appear to be identical to other WPL models, a ladder-frame chassis, brushed motor, and plastic linkage and driveshafts. The kit variants appear to offer slightly softer tires, so keep that in mind if you’re after more grip from your small-scale truck model.

While the inside of this rig looks familiar, the exterior looks amazing. The detail from the grille all the way to the rear bumper appears to be spot-on when compared to a 1:1 military rig. Even if a military truck replica isn’t your cup of tea, you should be able to paint and customize the body to make this into whatever type of heavy-duty truck your heart desires.

WPL B36 “Ural” Military Truck Models:

Image credit: GearBest