First Impressions: WPL B-24 “GAZ-66” 1/16-scale R/C Military Truck

First Impressions: WPL B-24 “GAZ-66” 1/16-scale R/C Military Truck

As a fan of scale realism in the R/C hobby, I love to see new models appear that are rich in details and visual flair. What makes these elements more appealing are when they’re packaged in a small-scale setup (simply because you don’t see many of those models on the market). Along with the WPL C14 “Hercules” model that I’m in the process of reviewing, also sent a few military-themed 1/16-scale radio-controlled models to take a closer look at.

One of these models is the WPL B-24, a 1/16-scale military truck which is based on the 1:1 GAZ-66. Although I’m not a huge military vehicle aficionado, I spent much of my youth playing with GI Joe toys and part of me wishes I had this truck back then.

After experiencing the C14, I wasn’t expecting much from the mechanics of the B-24, however, having a unique (and undeniably-cool) 1/16 truck to tool around with more than makes up for any electronic downsides that this machine may have.

WPL B24 - Side

What’s included:

  • 1 WPL B-24  “GAZ-66” 1/16-scale military truck
  • 1 2.4GHz trigger-style controller
  • 1 USB charging adapter
  • 1 6V, 700mah Ni-Cd battery
  • Select scale accessories/parts

Unboxing the WPL B-24 1/16-scale R/C Military Truck

Initial thoughts on the WPL B-24 R/C Military Truck

Getting this point out of the way early, this isn’t a hobby-grade radio-controlled truck. While it looks great, the internal components, specifically the steering motor (not a servo) are what I’d consider some of the weaker points of this machine. That said, I’ve kept this rig in a stock configuration and have been having quite a good time with it.

While it lacks proportional steering, the controller grip feels pleasant and the motor is peppy, allowing me to forgive the click and turn steering setup. Now onto the fun stuff…

WPL B24 - Front Close

Like the WPL C14 “Hercules”, this radio-controlled military truck features some impressive visual details. At its base is a chassis which blends aluminum/metal frame rails and multiple plastic cross members. These pieces combine to create a sturdy base for this truck, which I’d place somewhere between a crawler and a trail machine.

Metal leaf springs serve as the dampers for this model and they provide a decent amount of suspension travel and articulation. You won’t see “OG crawler-style” articulation, but you also won’t need to worry about rolling this truck onto its side when you drive across uneven terrain.

Whether it’s in motion or sitting still, this truck looks great. Even if you’re not a fan of military machines, this truck could serve as a throwback parts hauler, shop truck, or whatever else your imagination wants it to be. A can (or two) of spray paint and you can easily overhaul this truck into whatever you’d like.

WPL B24 - Side Top

The tires, while firm, appear to offer plenty of grip for indoor use. When this truck travels outside is when the real test will take place. In reading about and researching this model, it appears that there may be some issues with the plastic driveshafts (brittle, snapping when bound-up), so I’ll be keeping a close eye on that area of the truck.

The stock battery, a 6V NiCd pack, provides plenty of power and offers impressive run-time. Whether or not that system stays in place or is swapped out down the road remains to be seen.

While my first instinct is to replace the stock steering and electronic components with hobby-grade gear, I’m having a fun time with this truck in it’s out of the box configuration. All-in-all, it’s a fun truck to drive around and have a good time with. It’s easy to let your imagination roam free with this truck, and at a price of $32.99, you’re not spending much for a little creative release.

WPL B24 - Front Wide

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