WPL C34 FJ40 1/16-scale R/C Crawler

WPL C34 FJ40 1/16-scale R/C Crawler

The lineup of 1/16-scale models from WPL is expanding, thanks to the upcoming WPL C34. With a body design reminiscent of the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, this small-scale crawler will be offered in both kit and ready-to-run (RTR) models.

Similar to other WPL models, this vehicle appears to feature a ladder-frame chassis, plastic axle housings, and a fairly detailed hard-body. Upon close inspection of promo images, there might be a few nice changes in the kit version, utilizing metal links rather than ABS plastic.

WPL C34 - Rear

If you’re looking for a smaller-scale R/C project, the kit option would be a good choice as you’ll have more control over your internal electronics selection and can get a better feel for how the rig is assembled. If you want to open the box and hit the trail, the RTR model would be your best bet.

Part of the appeal in these models is their impressive level of visual detail. The C34 body includes a number of body details, including a full interior, clear windows, and opening doors. Two body colors are available for both the kit and RTR models (blue or yellow).

WPL C34 - Yellow

The WPL C34 kit will be available from $49.99 while the RTR model will start at $79.99.

Where to find the WPL C34 1/16-scale R/C Truck:

Image credit: Banggood