Review: RC4WD Rok Lox 1.0″ R/C Crawler Tires

Review: RC4WD Rok Lox 1.0″ R/C Crawler Tires

Raw, rock-gripping performance with a touch of scale detail.

You can’t upgrade wheels without upgrading tires, can you? For this review, the answer is a solid “no.” With my Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 sporting a freshly-installed set of Treal 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels, it was only fitting to pair those rims with a new set of shoes.

While you won’t find as wide a variety of small-scale crawler tires as you would for 1/10-scale rigs, there are still some worthy contenders to consider. In fact, sticking with the stock tires from the SCX24 would have been an acceptable option, but where’s the fun in that?

Looking at my options, I quickly narrowed my choices down to one set of tires; RC4WD’s Rok Lox ($6.99). With RC4WD’s solid reputation for scale detail and trail-ready performance, these tires seemed like a perfect fit for my small-scale rig.

Although these tires aren’t a licensed replica of a 1:1 model, it’s easy to imagine them on a full-size off-road vehicle. The tread pattern is aggressive, yet shallow and the tire compound offers plenty of flex without melting in your hands.

Installing RC4WD’s Rok Lox 1.0 Crawler Tires:

Getting these tires onto my SCX24 was a painless affair. In fact, it may have been the easiest tire installation that I’ve ever done. The construction of these tires is very solid, and I didn’t encounter any issues with the sidewall slipping or peeling away from the wheel as I mounted them onto Treal’s 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels.

Of course, your experience may differ depending on the style and the brand of wheel that you’re mounting these tires on, however, I feel confident that you’ll have a hassle-free experience as well.

Out for a Test Drive:

While already a solid performer, I was looking forward to my first outdoor excursion with the newly-re-shoed SCX24. While the Treal wheels offered a little extra weight, the majority of the performance gains would be found in the traction that the tires offered.

While out in my trusty front yard proving grounds, I put the SCX24 through its paces. The set of Rok Lox quickly devoured logs, rocks, and other forms of natural trail debris. I witnessed minimal slippage and traction loss while testing and came away with a great impression of how these tires will perform on future adventures.

What’s the Verdict? Are RC4WD’s Rok Lox 1.0″ Crawler Tires a Worthwhile Upgrade?

Depending on your make and model of small-scale R/C crawler, you might be content with its stock tire setup. However, if you’re looking to dress up the visual aspects of your tiny trail truck (and amp up the crawling performance at the same time), these tires offer a great way to do just that.

As low as $6.99 per pair (at the time of this review), this is a low-cost, relatively simple upgrade that you can make to your 1/24-scale R/C crawler with almost no downside.

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