Review: Axial SCX24 1967 Chevy C10

Review: Axial SCX24 1967 Chevy C10

In a short amount of time, Axial’s SCX24 has become a highly popular model for fans of trail-ready R/C action. A little over a year after it burst onto the scene, the SCX24 lineup has expanded past its original Deadbolt model to include the Jeep Wrangler JLU and Chevrolet’s C10 pickup truck. No matter what your off-road vehicle preference, the SCX24 should have you covered.

Based on my experience with the aforementioned SCX24 Deadbolt, I was excited to see the release of the Chevy C10 option and was eager to add this model to my small-scale crawler lineup.

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 40w

Axial SCX24 Chevrolet C10 Specs:

  • Length8.4 in (215mm)
  • Width:3.9 in (99.5mm)
  • Height:4.4 in (114.6mm)
  • Wheelbase:5.2 in (133.2mm)
  • Ground Clearance:1.06 in (27mm)
  • Price: $119.99

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 8

The Controller

The 3-channel AX-4 transmitter that’s paired with the Axial SCX24 is one of the nicer models that I’ve used, especially for a small-scale vehicle. It feels great in the hand and has plenty of adjustments points to keep this rig running straight and true.

If you’re faced with tricky trail conditions, you can switch between three separate speed settings on the controller (low, medium, high). Along with this adjustment setting, you can also tweak your steering and throttle trim as well as steering dual rate, activate the third channel on the receiver, and reverse the steering servo direction.

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 43w

The Body

The first two versions of the SCX24 had body styles that were well-suited to both trail and off-road travel. With the introduction of the Chevy C10, you could make the argument that this small-scale rig looks good no matter where it’s driving. This version of the SCX24 features two distinct color and body accent options; a greenish-blue “work truck” and a metallic gray offroading machine. While both of these options look great, I chose the dark grey truck for the stunning paint color and black wheels and accents.

Featuring a beautifully-styled polycarbonate body, Axial has managed to recreate the classic lines of the 1967 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck, combining the durable, flexible body with nylon features such as the front grille and rear bumper. Out of all the SCX24 models, this one is my favorite, in terms of appearance.

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 7

Wheels and Tires

Along with the body, the wheels and tires on this rig different from those found on the SCX24 Deadbolt and SCX24 Jeep JLU. Featuring licensed Method MR307 wheels and BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX tires, this tiny truck has a style that’s all its own.

I’ll point out that, although the tires on the C10 model look similar to those on the SCX24 Deadbolt and Jeep JLU, they’re a bit shorter, which helps accommodate the body and wheel wells. Even with these slightly smaller wheels, I did encounter some body rub noise during full-steer situations.

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 36w

The Chassis

The chassis of the Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 is the same rockin’ setup that you’ll find on other SCX24 models. Whatever magic Axial sprinkled onto this machine should be bottled and sold. In purely stock condition, I’ve run the SCX24 C10 over fallen branches, atop logs, through grass, and in other “tricky” situations for a small-scale crawler, and this rig just motors through it all. If you’re looking for 1/10-scale performance in a 1/24-scale package, this rig has it. 

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 39w

Hitting the Trail

While any small-scale vehicle is an excellent choice for indoor driving, Axial’s SCX24 line has proven that they have outdoor survival skills as well. After some indoor trekking with the SCX24 C10, it was time to hit the wide-open outdoor world to see what this truck can do.

With the sun starting its descent, I made a stop at a local park, one that I’ve driven other small-scale and 1/10-scale vehicles at in the past, for my first real shakedown of this mini rig. Once blanketed with snow, the grassy, stick-strewn forest bed was a perfect spot to test the cruising chops of the SCX24 C10.

While the grass was no match for this truck, I was certain that some of the downed tree limbs and random sticks would cause this machine to stop in its tracks. To my surprise, this 1/24-scale machine motored up and over everything that I put in its path. My love for this platform has only intensified after that experience.

Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 - 44w

The Verdict

The question remains, is this small-scale R/C crawler worth adding to your collection? Without hesitation, I say “YES”! From my experience, there are two 1/24-scale platforms that offer a similar driving experience to that of a 1/10-scale crawler, and the SCX24 is one of them.

The Chevy C10 body only adds to the appeal that this rig carries. Plus, with an array of upgrades available, you can outfit the SCX24 with chassis weights and other performance-boosters to get even more excitement out of this machine.

From the running time that you can get out of a single charge (it’s stellar) to the price (quite affordable for what you’re getting), this model is an all-around winner.

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