Review: Treal 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (11.2g) for 1/24-scale R/C Crawlers

Review: Treal 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (11.2g) for 1/24-scale R/C Crawlers

Upgrade the appearance and performance of your small-scale R/C crawler with these sleek and stylish wheels.

Up until recently, most of my upgrade attention had been focused on my “standard-scale” R/C vehicles. In fact, it’s almost second nature to upgrade and enhance a 1/10-scale vehicle in some way, shape, or form. However, the emergence of the 1/24-scale crawler scene has caused me to focus on improvements to some of the smaller machines in my lineup.

Since it first appeared on the scene, Axial’s SCX24 has proven itself to be a capable performer and an excellent candidate for upgrades. In fact, there are an array of hop-ups and mods available for this model at this very moment. Since my Axial SCX24 Chevy C10 was still in stock configuration, I decided it was time to give it some TLC.

In stock form, the SCX24 is an amazing performer. However, there’s always room for improvement. To that end, I focused on swapping out the stock plastic wheels for a set of Treal 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock rims ($38.98).

Picking the Right Wheels for My Rig

In a sea of possibilities, Treal has stood out as one of the brands to make the SCX24 a priority. Not only do they offer an attractive wheel option, but they’ve also released several chassis and suspension enhancements for this 1/24-scale crawler.

Their CNC-machined beadlock rims are just one of the many upgrade options they’ve released for the SCX24, and they beautifully blend style with performance. I chose their lighter, 11.2g wheel option for my current install, but they also offer a 22g option for those looking to add even more weight to their rig.

As mentioned earlier, my metallic-silver SCX24 Chevy C10 was bone-stock, and I wanted to make sure any upgrades worked with the original look of this truck. Among the various color options available for Treal’s beadlock wheels (red, black, gray, and green), I chose the gray set.

Installing Treal’s 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

With plenty of 1/10-scale R/C wheel installations under my belt, I felt confident in my ability to get these wheels mounted onto my SCX24. Since the stock wheels are glued to the stock tires, I chose to pair these wheels with a set of RC4WD Rol Lox tires.

Mounting the tires to the wheels was a nearly effortless experience, and getting the new shoes mounted to the SCX24 went smoothly as well. The wheels are held together by a series of inward-facing screws, giving them a sleek and clean appearance.

Additionally, there are six outward-facing screws that you will need to install to finish off these wheels’ visual details. The entire process of mounting and installing these four wheels took less than an hour. The only hangup that I encountered occurred with the wheel hex nuts, which had become stuck to the stock wheels. If you encounter the same issue, I suggest using a small flat-head screwdriver to release the hex nut (pushing down from the front of the wheel).

Time for a Test Drive

Appearance-wise, these wheels are a nice alternative to the stock plastic wheels that the Axial Chevy C10 had been paired with. I will admit, however, that they took a while to get used to. Looking at them on a shelf is one thing. The real question remains; how do they affect performance?

At 11.2g, these wheels are slightly heavier than the stock plastic set, but they don’t go overboard. The SCX24 felt more “planted” and less prone to rollovers than it had previously, which is a win in my book.

Photo Gallery: Treal 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

What’s the Verdict? Are these Wheels a Worthy Upgrade Option?

Visually stunning and incredibly sound performers, I’d happily throw another set of these wheels on one of my other 1/24-scale R/C crawlers. In fact, I’m planning to do just that with my Carisma MSA-1E.

You can’t ask for an easier installation experience, and the fit and finish of these aluminum wheels is nothing short of stunning. At $38.98, it’s a great upgrade option for anyone who wants to freshen up the look and handling of their small-scale crawler.

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