Review: Gear Head RC 8Trax Micro Crawler Wheels

Review: Gear Head RC 8Trax Micro Crawler Wheels

The popularity of small-scale R/C crawlers is booming, and so too is the upgrade scene for these tiny trucks. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been having a blast upgrading and tweaking various aspects of my 1/24-scale crawler fleet, which leads me to today’s topic; Gear Head RC’s 8Trax Micro Crawler Wheels ($54.99 – set of 4).

After throwing a new set of wheels and tires on my Axial SCX24 Chevy C10, I started looking over the other vehicles in my collection to see what upgrades could be made. The RGT Adventurer V2 quickly jumped to the front of my list of candidates. Already a solid performer right out of the box, this rig has the potential for greatness, especially in the scale detail realm.

After looking at my options for both scale details and functionality, I came across Gear Head RC’s micro crawler wheel lineup. With designs that straddle the line between classic and modern, my attention was quickly drawn to their 8Trax model. The 8-hole design and large, flat wheel face was just what I had been looking for.

While these wheels are made from aluminum, they are a one-piece design and aren’t beadlocks. If you want to permanently mount them to your tires, you’ll need to bust out the tire glue. For my needs, I mounted my tires to them using friction, allowing me the option to swap rubber down the road. With the small stature and low weight of the Adventurer V2, I’m hopeful that I won’t encounter much wheelspin inside of the tires. Time will tell how that will turn out.

Speaking of mounting, the tires (RC4WD RokLox 1.0″ Micro Crawler Tires) installed quickly, so I was up and rolling quickly. Compared to beadlock wheels, which aren’t terrible to install, these were a breeze.

What’s the Verdict? Are Gear Head RC’s 8Trax Wheels a Good Choice for Your Small-scale R/C Crawler?

I haven’t put many miles (or yards) on these wheels yet, but from what I can tell so-far, I’m a fan of these wheels. While I prefer a true beadlock design, the single-piece design of the 8Trax is sleek and clean, which is a great option for just about any small-scale crawler.

At $54.99 for a set of four wheels, they’re a good bargain and should give a new attitude to your tiny trail machine.

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