Kyosho Releases Hop-up Parts for the Mini-Z 4×4

Kyosho Releases Hop-up Parts for the Mini-Z 4×4

If you’ve been itching to update your Kyosho Mini-Z 4×4, you’ll soon have the chance thanks to a set of upgrades from Kyosho. One is basic, while the other is on the wilder side.

Getting weight added to any trail rig is important, regardless of its size. Even small-scale crawlers could use a little help in that department, and to that end, Kyosho has introduced a Die-cast Front Axle Case for the Mini-Z 4×4.

For a more extreme small-scale experience, you’ll soon be able to outfit your Mini-Z 4×4 with all-terrain tracks. These four treaded assemblies will transform your 1/24-scale crawler into a go-anywhere, crawl anything machine.

These Mini-Z 4×4 tracks are designed to provide additional traction on all types of terrain and can help you create a truly unique, customized crawler.

Visit to learn more about both of these Mini-Z 4×4 upgrades.

Image credit: Kyosho