Get Ready for Adventure with the Tetra X2 from Panda Hobby

Get Ready for Adventure with the Tetra X2 from Panda Hobby

They say “three’s a crowd”, but when it comes to expanding lineups for R/C machines, I say, the more the merrier. Panda Hobby seems to agree with this sentiment and they’ve expanded their lineup of 1/18-scale crawlers to include the Tetra X2, an SUV-bodied trail machine.

Featuring a body style similar to boxy, mid-80s off-road machines, the Tetra X2 features the same chassis design found on its previous two models. The ladder-frame chassis features a four-link suspension setup with four oil-filled shocks to help this truck manuever over obstacles.

Powerd by a 180-size brushed motor, the X2 should provide plenty of crawling power, despite its size. This model is fully-assembled and ready-to-run, and includes a battery and USB battery charger.

Adding to the scale detail of this rig are pre-installed LED headlights for nighttime driving and even greater visual appeal. Multiple body color options are also available, including black/red, beige/brown, yellow/white, blue/white, and red/white.

Panda Hobby Tetra X2 Specs:

  • Height: 132mm (5.20 in)
  • Length: 255mm (10.00 in)
  • Width: 120mm (4.72 in)
  • Wheelbase: 150mm (5.90 in)
  • Ground clearance: 44mm capable: (1.73″)
  • Ground clearance at standard ride: height 40mm: (1.57″)
  • Axle ground clearance: 21mm: (0.83″)

Priced at $129.99, the Tetra X2 is available direct from Panda Hobby as well as these retailers:

Image credit: Panda Hobby