FMS Launches the FCX18 Toyota Land Cruiser LC80

FMS Launches the FCX18 Toyota Land Cruiser LC80

FMS is at it again with the release of another 1/18-scale R/C crawler. This time, it looks like they’ve gone back to the drawing board by imagining and redesigning their 1/18-scale platform. The FCX18 Toyota LC80 blends the same stunning visuals you’ve come to expect from FMS with a chassis better suited to crawling performance.

The same detailed Land Cruiser 80 body that FMS developed for their first 1/18 LC80 makes a return on the FCX18, but there are some differences. The hood opens to reveal the electronics and battery tray, however, the detailed interior has been removed, possibly as a weight-saving measure.

Other body details such as side mirrors, a roof rack, a rear-mounted spare tire, and LED headlights and taillights can also be found on this model. Another nice feature is the addition of an LED-lit, roof-mounted light bar. Three body color options are available to choose from: blue, gray, and yellow.

Under the body, might be where you’ll find the most significant changes. The FCX18 features portal axles, metal steering links, metal lower chassis links, and a two-speed transmission. Increased ground clearance and greater link durability should allow this machine to tackle some tricky terrain.

FMS FCX18 Toyota LC80 Specs:

  • Length: 282mm
  • Width: 126mm
  • Height: 136mm
  • LiPo Battery: 2S 7.4V 900mAh
  • Tire Size (mm): D56 x W19.2
  • Wheel Base (mm): 160
  • Ground Clearance: 35mm
  • Approach Angle: 61°
  • Departure Angle: 35°
  • Car Weight: 535g

The FCX18 Toyota LC80 is priced at $179.99 and is available through FMS and their dealers. Visit to learn more about this 1/18-scale R/C crawler.

Image credit: FMS