Review: FMS 1/24 Smasher V2 “High Roller II” Monster Truck

Review: FMS 1/24 Smasher V2 “High Roller II” Monster Truck

Monster trucks and the R/C hobby go hand-in-hand. As early as I can remember, there have always been radio-controlled monster trucks in hobby shops. While there are few that have managed to nail every aspect of the 1:1 monster truck experience, there are some that come awfully close. The 1/24-scale FCX24 Smasher/Smasher V2 from FMS has seen a few changes since it was released in 2022. Based on the FCX24 crawler platform, this small-scale monster truck certainly looks the part, but does its performance match its appearance?

The folks at FMS sent me one of their latest Smasher V2 releases, the “High Roller II” for some hands-on testing. While I’m not the monster truck fanatic I was when I was 10, I always enjoy experiencing a new R/C machine. Let’s look closer at the Smasher V2 “High Roller II” monster truck.

FMS 1/24 Smasher V2 “High Roller II” Specs:

  • Length: 227mm
  • Width: 156mm
  • Height: 127mm
  • Wheelbase: 139mm
  • Tire F/R: Φ 68 × 34mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 44mm
  • Reduction ratio: (High Gears ) 24.75, (Low Gears ) 99
  • Motor: 130 Brushed motor
  • Battery: 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAh x1
  • Driving speed: 8km/h Max
  • Remote control distance: 30m
  • Approx. operating duration time: 20mins
  • Price: $145.99

What’s Included with the FMS 1/24 Smasher V2 “High Roller II”:

  • 1 1/24-scale FMS Smasher V2 “High Roller II” Monster Truck
  • 1 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter
  • 1 Tire/multi-tool
  • 1 USB Battery Charger
  • 1 Waterslide Decal Sheet
  • 1 Instruction Manual

The Body:

Without fail, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of FMS should be their attention to detail. The Smasher V2 “High Roller II” is no exception. Patterned after the 1:1 “High Roller II” monster truck, this 1/24-scale version is an eye-catching machine. With its ABS-plastic “hardbody,” this small-scale monster truck captures plenty of visual detail, making it an excellent shelf piece when not in use. The chromed bumpers, grille, wheels, and rollbar give the purple body even greater appeal.

In addition to the chromed bits, the FCX24 Smasher V2 features controllable LED headlights through the radio transmitter. This is a nice feature if you’d prefer to run in lower-light situations; plus, it gives the truck even more visual detail.

You may notice that the body is rather plain out of the box. Fear not, as FMS includes a waterslide decal sheet to let you make a replica of the 1:1 “High Roller II” or your custom creation. I wasn’t sure if I would try my hand at the waterslide decals or make my own custom vinyl stickers. After much internal debate, I decided to give the waterslide decals a shot…and enjoyed the process.

It’s been nearly 20 years, if not longer since I last applied a waterslide decal. My experience with that type of adhesive is spotty at best, but once the first few decals were applied, I got into a groove and eagerly laid them down.

The body mounts to the chassis using four clip-posts that snap into mounting holes. It’s not as ergonomic as other “clip-less” mounting systems, but it does the trick.

The Electronics:

With the body off, you get an excellent view of the Smasher V2’s internals, including its electronics setup. An FMS Power Dash 130-size brushed motor serves as the power plant for this machine. One great feature of the FCX24 lineup is the two-speed, remote-shiftable transmission that gives you plenty of low-end torque for crawling and an impressive amount of high-gear speed for cruising.

The 2-in-1 ESC/receiver features adjustable drag brake settings, while the transmitter allows you to adjust throttle, steering trim, and dual rate. It’s nice to have that level of adjustability and tuning for a vehicle of this size, which can make for a fantastic driving experience.

The Chassis:

Based on the FCX24 crawler platform, the Smasher V2 uses a ladder-frame chassis with four-link chassis and suspension links. Between the larger tires and the portal axles, this truck has an impressive amount of ground clearance, so if you want to use it as a crawler, it’s darn near unstoppable.

While the shocks on this truck aren’t oil-filled, I didn’t encounter excessive bouncing, whether jumping or driving over obstacles. This was a nice contrast to my experience with the shocks on other FCX24 models.


This little truck has the looks, but does its performance back up its looks? While I have yet to experience an R/C monster truck that fully captures the essence of 1:1 monster truck action, this little machine comes close.

The ability to select low or high gearing depending on the terrain is a great feature and might be the one I rely on the most when driving this truck. High gear is excellent for cruising, popping reverse-to-forward wheelies, and jumping. This little machine was made for jumping.

Remember those not-too-bouncy shocks that I mentioned earlier? They play a large part in the “monster truckiness” of this machine. I’ve driven other radio-controlled monster trucks with either too much rebound or bounce, making them hard to control after landing a jump. The Smasher V2 “High Roller II” keeps going and going, barely missing a beat.

It’s a great indoor performer and an excellent boredom-buster. I set up a few jumps and enjoyed blasting over them to see how many times I could stick the landing. Even low-gear driving was fun, and I am amazed by how effortlessly this truck can make its way over large obstacles. For a monster truck, it’s an awesome crawler.

The quick access to the chassis, which I only needed to plug in and disconnect the battery, is a great feature. This truck is well thought out, durably constructed, and fun to drive.

What’s the Verdict?

Coming from someone with a moderate interest in monster trucks, I’m happy to have this vehicle in my collection. Indoor driving has been fun, and it’s proven to be an excellent boredom buster when I want a break from small-scale crawling.

Even in outdoor conditions, it’s a fun machine to mess around with. Whether you’re running like a monster truck or want to test its crawling prowess, it’s a solid machine all the way around.

At just under $150, the FMS FCX24 Smasher V2 is a solid addition to any R/C fanatic’s collection.

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