Some Exciting Small-Scale News from NRHSA 2019!

Some Exciting Small-Scale News from NRHSA 2019!

Do you love small-scale R/C news? If so, this year’s NHRSA convention in Las Vegas had a few little tidbits that you might find interesting. After watching (and re-watching) RC Driver’s 2019 HRHSA Show coverage and receiving a tip from a fellow hobbyist (thanks, Adam W.) which pointed to a Facebook post by Competition-X, there are two upcoming model releases that I’m quite excited about.

The one with the most buzz at the moment is the Losi Mini-T 2.0. This 1/18-scale stadium truck is the second-coming of the discontinued Mini-T. If you’ve been looking for a smaller-scale off-road racer to hit the track with, this might be the answer to your prayers.

In addition to the Losi preview, HRC (Hobby Recreation Products) had an upcoming Carisma Scale Adventure model sitting at their booth, a re-bodied MSA-1E crawler. While this rig was only on-screen for a few moments, I caught enough of a glimpse to immediately want one.

For more information and coverage of this year’s NRHSA event, I highly recommend checking out both the RC Driver and Competition-X coverage. And don’t forget, as more details are released about these and other small-scale R/C models, be sure to check for updates and highlights.

Image credit: RC Driver