Carisma Launches Their Second-Generation MSA-1E Micro Crawler

Carisma Launches Their Second-Generation MSA-1E Micro Crawler

The expanded MSA-1E lineup now features a licensed, 1976 Ford F-150 body design.

Originally spotted during coverage of the 2019 NRHSA convention, Carisma has officially released their second-generation, 1/24-scale crawler; the MSA-1E 1976 Ford F-150. Aside from the new, officially-licensed body, this rig also brings a few internal upgrades to the table.

The gearing has been lowered to encourage crawling performance and a “Gen 2” motor, featuring a built-in protection circuit, has been applied to this rig. Additional changes have also been made to the combined receiver/ESC through the addition of a Smart Drag Brake feature.


The rest of this rig remains the same as the original MSA-1E, which I’ve found to be an incredibly capable machine for its size. Carisma has made this small-scale crawler both FPV and LED ready through open ports on the receiver module, allowing you to easily install your own camera and lighting gear.

The price also remains the same, despite the licensed Ford body. For $119.99, you can park this 1/24-scale crawler in your scaled-down R/C garage for a true “take anywhere and drive” experience.


Visit to learn more about the MSA-1E 1976 Ford F-150.

Image credit: Carisma