Kyosho Mini-Z Honda Civic Type R FWD R/C Car

Kyosho Mini-Z Honda Civic Type R FWD R/C Car

The Mini-Z lineup is expanding, thanks to the new Honda Civic Type R model from Kyosho. Based on their well-traveled MR-03 platform, this model stays true to the 1:1 model it’s replicating and features a front-wheel-drive system.

With full ball bearings throughout the chassis (12 in all), this model should roll smoothly and effortlessly, reducing friction and providing more power to go directly to the wheels. The wheelbase can be adjusted to three lengths (90mm, 94mm, and 98mm) and an optional gyro and LED light setup can help improve drivability and scale appeal.

Kyosho Mini-Z Honda Civic Type R - Car and Radio

Speaking of scale appeal, the details found in the body of the Kyosho Mini-Z Honda Civic are stunning. From the front to the rear, you’ll see the same body lines and elements found in the 1:1 street model faithfully replicated in 1/27-scale. Two body colors are available (white and red) with each featuring authentic Honda Civic “badging” decals.

Kyosho Mini-Z Honda Civic Type R Specs:

  • Length: 166mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Height: 52.0mm
  • Wheelbase: 98.0mm (LL)
  • Chassis: FWD (MA-03F)
  • Front Wheel Offset: N +1.5mm (for AWD)
  • Rear Wheel Offset: N +1.5mm (for AWD)
  • Radio System: Syncro KT-531P FHSS 2.4

Kyosho Mini-Z Honda Civic Type R - Rear

Priced at $189.99, the Kyosho Mini-Z Civic Type R FWD will be available online as well as through your local Kyosho dealer. Visit for additional details on this on-road R/C model.

Image credit: Kyosho