ECX Micro Ruckus 1/28-scale Monster Truck

ECX Micro Ruckus 1/28-scale Monster Truck

Things have been rather quiet on the small-scale front in 2018…until now. ECX has introduced the Micro Ruckus, a 1/28-scale monster truck that features a retro body design, huge (relatively speaking) tires, and a two-in-one charger/transmitter combo that’s sure to become a hit with R/C enthusiasts.

The Micro Ruckus chassis design appears to take a page out of the HPI Q32 and Team Associated MT28 playbook with a mostly-plastic foundation, four-wheel suspension, and 2-wheel drive. A micro brushed motor powers this truck and a 1S LiPo battery provides the juice to make this machine move.

ECX Micro Ruckus Monster Truck - Plugged In

In a move to set this model apart from other 1/28-scale machines, the battery is removable and could be swapped out with another pack for longer run times.

Two color options are available for the Micro Ruckus, orange/red and blue. Both options are eye-catching, especially when applied to the old-school panel truck body that rides atop this small-scale chassis.

ECX Micro Ruckus Monster Truck - Rear

The ECX Micro Ruckus monster truck is priced at $54.99 and is available in-store through ECX dealers. Visit for additional details about this small-scale monster truck.

Image credit: ECX