Be on the Lookout for Small-scale “Scalers” from Carisma

Be on the Lookout for Small-scale “Scalers” from Carisma

To me, small-scale R/C vehicles are like cookies. It’s hard to have just one and whenever a new flavor comes out, I’m bound and determined to try it out. You can imagine my excitement when I happened upon this post from the folks at Big Squid RC, teasing two new models from Carisma/Carisma Scale Adventure.

My excitement ramped up from that point after Peter Gray, Brand Manager for Carisma Scale Adventure, posted a teaser to his Instagram account.

The prospect of two new 1/24-scale crawling options coming down the trail “soon” has me quite excited. While no specs have been released yet (or price for that matter), these new machines appear to follow a similar chassis setup as the ECX Barrage and Pro-Line Ambush 4×4. When you add in the teased body styles of these trucks, from the Subaru Brat pictured above to the scaled-down version of CSA’s Coyote, these models should be as fun to look at as the will be to drive.

Stay tuned to both the Carisma and Carisma Scale Adventure websites for more news regarding these upcoming releases.

Image credit: Carisma