A Small-Scale Skatepark Assault Featuring Carisma’s GT24M & GT24TR [Video]

A Small-Scale Skatepark Assault Featuring Carisma’s GT24M & GT24TR [Video]

One of the lingering questions you get after buying a new R/C vehicle is wondering how hard you can push the vehicle…before it breaks. While no vehicle is bulletproof, there are some brands which have made a name for themselves from a durability standpoint. While Traxxas, LaTrax, ECX, and even Redcat Racing have showcased the strength of their models, they aren’t the only ones who know how to build a tough, yet fun radio-controlled machine.

Carisma recently released a video featuring two of their GT24 series vehicles, the GT24T monster truck and the GT24TR truggy, tearing around a skatepark with reckless abandon.

With help from FPV quadcopter pilot and racer, Jon Smoky Rogers (Smoky FPV), the Carisma GT24M monster truck and GT24TR truggy were put through their paces in a high-flying series of skatepark runs.

From big-air jumps to near picture-perfect landings, these two 1/24-scale trucks put on a show that’s worth watching a time or two.

Learn more about the Carisma GT24 series:

Image credit: Carisma