Review: Carisma’s GT24B R/C Buggy

Review: Carisma’s GT24B R/C Buggy

Having completed my review of the Carisma GT24T, I turned my attention to another one of Carisma’s small-scale machines, the equally sporty GT24B buggy. Although these two cars share many of the same components, their similarities stop when you mash the throttle. And believe me, there was plenty of throttle-mashing during this review.

Carisma GT24B Specifications

  • Scale: 1/24
  • Height: 64mm
  • Length: 180mm
  • Width: 107mm
  • Wheel Base: 119mm
  • 2 or 4-wheel Drive: 4-wheel drive
  • Brushless Motor (8000KV)
  • Friction shocks
  • Rubber tires
  • Kit/RTR: Ready-to-Run (RTR)
  • Price: $99.99 (no-battery) $109.99 (with battery)

Carisma GT24B 1/24 Buggy

What’s Included:

  • 1 Carisma GT24B 1/24-scale buggy
  • 1 Carisma CTX8000 2-channel transmitter/controller
  • 1 USB charging adapter and cable
  • 2 AA batteries (for the transmitter/controller)
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Decal sheet

Unboxing the Carisma GT24B Buggy

The Chassis

The GT24B buggy shares the same base chassis and suspension components as the other vehicles in Carisma’s GT24 lineup. If you’re after a true performance-tuned machine, swapping the stock shocks for the optional oil-filled shocks, or changing the stock springs to the harder optional set might be worth the investment. When taking on bigger jumps, the “bounciness” of the stock shocks shows through.

As for stock handling and performance, the GT24B was a pure joy to drive. For indoor, carpeted conditions, the smoother tires allow the buggy to break traction and slide around corners. This made for some exciting laps around the basement as I maneuvered around furniture and a debris field of toys. When the GT24B does get out of shape, it can easily be pointed in the right direction thanks to its four-wheel drive system.

When taken outdoors, this buggy still maintains a crisp level of handling, although you’re able to achieve more slides and spins on concrete and asphalt surfaces.

The Motor

At the heart of the GT24B is a brushless, 800KV motor. While I’ve driven several brushed and brushless vehicles, the stock speed and power that this model has is simply impressive. No matter what I was looking to do with the GT24B, straightline speed runs, zipping through a makeshift race course, or jumping ramps, there was no shortage or either torque or top-end speed.

The model that I was sent to review didn’t include a LiPo battery, so I needed to supply my own. After some research, I found a 3.7V 1S LiPo option from Dromida that fit the snug battery compartment of this monster truck. It’s worth noting that the Carisma GT24B (along with the other models in the GT24 lineup) can handle a 2S LiPo, however, the included USB charger won’t be able to charge it as you’ll need a charger with a balance cable.

If speed is truly what you’re after, Carisma offers a 12000KV Mini 130 brushless motor that will really make any GT24 series vehicle scream.

The Body

If you’re a fan of clean body lines, you’ll appreciate the fact that the GT24B doesn’t use body pins to keep its small buggy body attached to the chassis. There is one plastic split/anchor-style post that sticks through the body toward the rear of the vehicle, however, the front is attached by an extended tab that’s molded into the body.


Both of these attachment methods are very secure and neither one caused any failures during indoor or outdoor driving. The sleek, aggressive design of the body is what I’d call “standard” for many modern R/C buggies. While I wouldn’t call myself a fan of this body style on 1/10-scale machines, there’s something about this vehicle that I’m drawn to.

The Controller

The CTX8000 controller may be the most surprising piece of this RTR package. I’ve come across many a number of small-scale radio-controlled vehicles during my time in the hobby, and you never know what to expect from the controller. The physical size of the included CTX8000, a 2.4GHz, 2-channel transmitter, is the same as what you’d find in a 1/10 (or larger) model. It feels great in your hand and has amazing response and feedback when you’re whipping this small buggy around a driving course.

Carisma CX8000

Outside of the comfort and feel, there are several settings and adjustments that can be made on the transmitter. Throttle and steering direction, trim, steering servo travel, and an included function button are all easily available from the right-side panel. Having handled a number of RTR-packaged controllers throughout my time in the hobby, this model might be my favorite.

Time to Roll

Having experienced the GT24T in both indoor and outdoor conditions, I had a baseline expectation for how this buggy would handle and perform. Most of those expectations were spot-on, while others were a bit off-base.

The handling performance of this small-scale buggy is very close to that of the GT24T. It’s a great indoor performer with the ability to corner and slide through tight turns and dart around obstacles. That said, the handling performance is slightly better than its monster truck cousin, in that the low-grip tires allow you to slide around more and break traction with greater ease.


Don’t let the phrase “break traction” scare you into thinking this is a sloppy handling machine. This performance trait, coupled with a four-wheel drive system, give the Carisma GT24B the ability to self-correct and maintain general control through the most wicked corners you can think of. There are cases where I did over-correct and nosed the buggy into a wall or table leg, but more times than not, I experienced a level of control that was highly enjoyable.

The cornering and turning performance that the GT24B possesses allows for tighter turns and maneuverability in smaller spaces. This was a welcome improvement over the wider turning of the GT24T monster truck.

Speed performance was stellar with the 8000KV putting out ample power with a 1S LiPo battery. No matter the environment, there was no shortage in pep from the motor. I crossed my basement “office” in record time and an outdoor voyage let the GT24B stretch its legs. Straightaway speed is great and there is plenty of torque to boost over jumps and any obstacles I’d encounter.

Carisma GT24B 1/24 Buggy

Not only did I have a great time driving this machine, but my kids did as well. At one point, I thought I’d have to pry the controller out of my oldest son’s hands to have a turn at wheeling this buggy.

Is the Carisma GT24B the Right Small-Scale R/C Buggy for You?

Picking an R/C vehicle to start or add to your collection typically comes down to personal preference and driving location. The beauty of small-scale vehicles lies within their size and performance. This is a model that you can drive just about anywhere and not feel that you’re having to compromise.


Carisma offers two versions of GT24B, one with an included 1S LiPo battery ($109.99) and one without ($99.99). While these two options don’t present a noticeable price difference, you’ll ultimately save on shipping cost as this model runs on a LiPo battery and is being shipped overseas. Paring this model with a third-party/aftermarket battery is one way to save on shipping costs, but the choice is up to you.

Like the GT24T, the GT24B is an amazing vehicle for the price and offers fun driving experiences, no matter what age you may be.

Where to Buy the Carisma GT24B 1/24-scale R/C Buggy