Xotik 1/32-scale R/C Mini-track Racers

Xotik 1/32-scale R/C Mini-track Racers

There’s a new game in town when it comes to small-scale R/C racing. Xotik, a newer name on the R/C landscape, has launched a series of 1/32-scale mini racers that blend fun, futuristic vehicle designs with the fury and action of mini-track racing.

Sporting a design similar to Tamiya’s Mini 4WD racers, Xotik takes it a step further by making these machines into fully-proportional, radio-controlled models. Not only can the driver control the speed of their machine, but they can also steer around competitors to help get them to the front of the field.

Xotik Manga Spirit

Three models make up their lineup of 1/32-scale racers; Diesel Thunder, Manga Spirit, and Super Storm. Each vehicle has its own distinct body design and color scheme, making it easy to identify during on-track action.

Aside from their brightly-colored bodies, the most noticeable characteristic may be the roller-guided bumpers. A similar design can be found on the non-R/C Tamiya Mini 4WD lineup, to help keep these vehicles headed in the right direction while racing on channeled tracks. Once the track widens, however, racers can use the servo-powered steering and throttle control to help maneuver their way around competitors.

Xotik Super Storm - Chassis

The chassis of Xotik’s small-scale R/C racer features a compact design and plays host to a rechargeable LiPo battery, a 130-size brushed motor, steering servo, and ESC/receiver. A full array of replacement parts is also available for each of the three models.

Xotik R/C Mini Racer Lineup:

Priced at $99.99 per model, Xotik’s lineup of 1/32-scale R/C racers can be purchased directly through their online store. To learn more about these small-scale radio-controlled vehicles, visit xotikmodel.com.

Image credit: Xotik