Upgrades & Hop-ups for the Axial SCX24

Upgrades & Hop-ups for the Axial SCX24

Despite its small size, the Axial SCX24 has quickly established itself as a popular performer for fans of R/C crawling and trail driving. While this is a capable rig right out of the box, there are a few upgrades that you can make to allow your tiny truck to perform even better.


The great thing about 1/24-scale R/C crawlers is that, with a little imagination, you can take just about any similar-sized static vehicle model kit and place the body on top of the SCX24 chassis. If you’re not a fan of the stock Deadbolt or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon bodies, you can swap them out with a detailed hard-body for your next trail adventure.

Of course, you can also pick up an extra Deadbolt or Jeep body for your own custom creation.

Body Accessories

Along with the bodies themselves, here are a few add-on components to help you add more scale realism to your SCX24.

Chassis & Handling

While it’s an impressive performer out of the box, the SCX24 becomes a true contender with a few minor tweaks. Adding weight to the wheels and axles of this rig helps it stabilize and plant while navigating over off-road terrain.