Traxxas 2-Speed Transmission for the TRX-4M

Traxxas 2-Speed Transmission for the TRX-4M

There’s no doubt that the TRX-4M is one of the most popular small-scale crawlers on the market today, and if you own one, you know that upgrading it is a large part of the fun. With several current upgrade options available, I always get excited when something new hits the scene.

Traxxas has announced another new upgrade item for their TRX-4M, a 2-Speed Transmission (#9891). If you’ve ever felt like you needed more low-end performance without sacrificing trail cruising speed, this looks like a great way to experience both in an easy-to-install package.

The TRX-4M High/Low 2-Speed Transmission package offers a pre-assembled transmission with a standard Titan 180 motor combined with a manual-shift mechanism. While it’s not a remote shifting solution, it does offer a way to quickly shift gears when you might need extra torque or extra speed.

The Traxxas TRX-4M Two-Speed Transmission is $49.95 and available through Traxxas and its dealers. Visit to learn more about this TRX-4M upgrade item.

Image credit: Traxxas