Team Associated’s RC28 Retro-styled Micro Buggy

Team Associated’s RC28 Retro-styled Micro Buggy

Team Associated has been bulking up their micro line of R/C vehicles, with their latest model throwing back to the glory days. Hot on the heels of the RC28T release comes the RC28 Ready-to-Run, a 1/28-scale replica of the classic RC10 Team Kit.

Based on their 1/28-scale chassis, the RC28 features an orange buggy body, high-mounted rear wing, and other features from the classic, 1/10-scale model. Scaled down RC10 tires are also included, capturing the knobby texture (rear) of the originals.

Team Associated RC28 - Side

As with the other SC28, MT28, and RC28T that have come before it, the RC28 charges off of the transmitter, eliminating the need for extra cables and gear. Simply grab the buggy and controller, and go.

Team Associated RC28 Specs:

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Terrain: Off-Road
  • Body Style: Buggy
  • Scale Size: 1:28 Scale
  • Assembly Level: Ready-To-Run*
  • Length: 143mm (5.63in)
  • Width: 86mm (3.39in)
  • Wheelbase: 101.5mm (4in)
  • Weight: 76.2g (0.17lbs)
  • Drive: 2WD

Team Associated RC28 - Mini and Original

While these small-scale vehicles aren’t what I’d call “speed demons”, they’ve proven to be very fast and incredibly fun to drive. What’s more, they’ve been priced attractively at $49.99.

Learn more about the RC28 buggy and other vehicles in Team Associated’s 1/28-scale lineup at

Image credit: Team Associated