Springtime Small-Scale Savings at AMain Hobbies

Springtime Small-Scale Savings at AMain Hobbies

It’s always a great time to pick up a new hobby, and what better way to get into the world of radio-controlled cars and trucks than with a small-scale model? Packed with fun, many of the smaller-scale (1/16 – 1/24) machines on the market are compact and capable, making them great companions for camping trips, vacations, or simply venturing through the great indoors.

If you’re budget-minded, getting into a new hobby without wiping out your wallet is always a plus. Thankfully, plenty of deals are available, especially in the springtime. AMain Hobbies is running its 2023 Spring Cleaning Sale, offering discounts on models from Element RC, Kyosho, and EazyRC.

AMain Hobbies Spring Cleaning Sale Small-Scale Highlights:

Some of these models may also be eligible for additional discounts through AMain’s monthly coupons.

This sale has no end date; however, some items may be in limited supply. Visit amainhobbies.com to see their sale-priced small-scale R/C vehicles and gear.

Image credit: AMain Hobbies