Review: Injora Aluminum Front & Rear Bumpers for the TRX-4M Land Rover Defender

Review: Injora Aluminum Front & Rear Bumpers for the TRX-4M Land Rover Defender

The Traxxas TRX-4M has become one of my favorite small-scale (or any-scale) R/C machines. My collection currently sits at three, but I can see that growing in the not-too-distant future. Regarding the machines I now have in my collection, it hasn’t taken me long to upgrade and customize them. While some upgrades have been performance-focused, others are purely cosmetic.

When the folks at Injora offered to hook me up with a selection of TRX-4M upgrades, I knew I wanted to take a closer look at their Aluminum Front and Rear Bumper Sets for the Land Rover Defender. From the little touches like their red tow rings to their beefier style and improved durability, I knew I had to add a set of these bumpers to my tan TRX-4M Defender.

It’s important to note that Injora offers two front and rear bumpers styles for the Land Rover Defender TRX-4M model, “Classic” and “Standard.” The “Standard” bumper set (#4M-41) features a slight angle to the front bumper’s push bar and a “diamond plate” metal cover on the rear bumper. On the other hand, the “Classic” option (#4M-44) doesn’t include the metal plate on the rear bumper and also omits the tow hook rings from the front bumper. It’s also worth mentioning the front push bar design is slightly different.

I liked the style of the red tow ring and wasn’t a fan of metal plating on the rear bumper, so I split the difference by requesting a standard front bumper and a classic rear bumper. Injora sells each bumper individually or as a set, so you can easily mix and match them to fit your preference.

What’s Included with Injora’s Aluminum Front and Rear Bumper Sets:

No matter which bumper you choose, you’ll get assembly hardware to piece the bumpers together and mounting hardware. The original bumper mounting hardware can be re-used, so there’s no immediate need to use the aftermarket screws.

Installation and Appearance:

Getting these new bumpers onto the TRX-4M shouldn’t take too long. After removing the stock bumpers from your small-scale rig, attach the mounting brackets to the new front and rear bumpers and slide those into the frame rails. The standard-style front bumper features light buckets for the fog lights, so a little extra work is required to swap those around.

Not only do the new bumpers overhaul the exterior style, but they also act as new body mount targets for the TRX-4M Defender’s body clips. The taller push bar on the front bumper is a barrier when mounting and dismounting the body, so you may perform some dexterity gymnastics, especially when mounting the body.

I also sense that the aluminum bumpers and body mounts don’t have the same tolerance as the stock bumpers, so your body may rattle. I’m unable to reproduce this rattle all the time, so your mileage may vary.

Looks-wise, these bumpers add a new level of toughness to an already tough-looking rig. The black matte paint is durable and has not chipped after a few light impacts with rocks and other obstacles. Overall, I’m thrilled with this visual upgrade.

What’s the Verdict? Should You Add Injora’s Aluminum Front and Rear Bumper Sets to Your TRX-4M?

I’ve been running Injora option parts on several of my R/C machines for many years and have yet to come across a product that hasn’t met my expectations. That trend continues with their Aluminum Front and Rear Bumpers for the TRX-4 Land Rover Defender.

Budget-priced at under $14 per individual bumper, you can give your 1/18-scale trail rig a new look for under $30. Fit and finish are quite good, and despite the slightly trickier body mounting maneuvers and occasional body rattle, I think these bumpers are a must-buy.

Where to Buy Injora’s Aluminum Front and Rear Bumpers for the TRX-4M Land Rover Defender:

Where to Buy Injora’s Aluminum Classic Front and Rear Bumpers for the TRX-4M Land Rover Defender: