Review: Injora 43mm Aluminum Double-barrel Shocks (with Faux Reservoir) for the Axial SCX24

Review: Injora 43mm Aluminum Double-barrel Shocks (with Faux Reservoir) for the Axial SCX24

Since I added two new Axial SCX24s (the Jeep JT Gladiator) to my small-scale R/C garage, I figured that I had two new blank canvases on which to get creative. After adding a set of Injora’s 1.0″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels and 1.0″ Tires, and a custom back rack, I wanted to tackle the suspension setup on this tiny rig.

Thankfully, Injora offers a new option on that front. Alongside their Internal-Spring Shocks and “traditional” Aluminum-bodied Shocks, they’ve also introduced a set of Aluminum Double-barrel Shocks that provide additional down-travel and articulation for the SCX24.

While the SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator is an incredible crawler right out of the box, I’ve found that it’s longer wheelbase can cause it to become stuck or hung up on certain obstacles. Hoping to alleviate this, Injora’s Double-barrel, telescoping shocks seemed to be just what I was looking for.

What’s Included

  • 2 ($7.99) or 4 ($14.99) Injora 43mm Aluminum Double-barrel Shocks (with Faux Reservoir)
  • 1 set of “soft” springs (pre-installed)
  • 1 set of “medium” springs
  • 1 set of “hard” springs
  • 1 Allen/hex wrench
  • Installation hardware (screws, o-rings, pivot balls)


Replacing a set of shocks on a 1/24-scale R/C crawler isn’t too much of a chore. If you’ve replaced the shocks on a 1/10-scale or larger model, you have a great roadmap to work from. That said, the hardware you’re working with is quite small, so you’ll want to make sure you have a container or magnet nearby to help you wrangle the tiny screws and other bits needed during installation.

For my installation process, I began by removing the wheels and then the stock shocks from the SCX24. The screw-in pivot balls included with the factory SCX24 shocks aren’t needed for the Injora shocks, so they can remain inserted into the stock shock caps. After removing the stock hardware, you’ll need to install the rubber o-rings onto the new pivot balls that are included with the Injora shocks. These tend to fly off, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your workspace and the surrounding area.

Once the pivot balls have been added to the shocks, you can secure them to the shock mounting holes found in the chassis of the SCX24. After you’ve completed one shock installation, repeat the process on the remaining three shocks, and you’ll be up and running in no time.


These shocks look very similar to Injora’s 32mm Aluminum-bodied shocks in many ways. The extended length and use of an additional shock body sleeve are the only tell-tale signs that these shocks are different than a standard set.

The springs that are included with these shocks are taller/longer than what you’ll find on a set of 32mm shocks. After installation, I didn’t like the taller ride height that my SCX24 Jeep Gladiator was sporting and opted to swap the springs out for a soft set from a 32mm-length shock. This allows the chassis to sit lower and has an overall appearance that’s closer to the stock height. Using the adjustment rings, I was able to dial in the front and rear shocks to get the right stance that I was looking for.

The overall fit and finish of these shocks is very nice. The adjustment ring is easy to access and use


Out-of-the-box performance with the 43mm springs installed was decent. I felt that I had more rollover instances than with the stock shocks, but overall, the soft springs had plenty of compression and give built-in and felt much better than some of Injora’s other “soft” shock springs that I’ve encountered.

After swapping out springs for the shorter set, I was left dealing with another issue; binding. With multiple shock bodies in play, I had several instances where the shocks would hang or bind during compression and extension. There are a few ways to combat the bind; removing the inner o-ring from each shock mount ball and/or loosening the shock mount screws. Both of these solutions allow the shocks to move around and straighten out, reducing the amount of friction between the shock bodies. I also used a lubricant spray to help the aluminum bits slide easier.

The Final Verdict

Upgrading the SCX24 is a fun activity that can add to the overall appeal and performance of this small-scale R/C crawler. When it comes to overhauling the suspension performance of the SCX24, Injora’s 43mm Aluminum Double-barrel Shocks are a nice option to consider, based both on appearance and performance. Easy to install and tune, these shocks offer plenty of flexibility to get your rig out of tricky crawling situations.

Among the wide array of shock options for the Axial SCX24, these Double-barrel Aluminum Shocks from Injora are a great option to consider.

Where You can Buy Injora’s 43mm Aluminum Double-barrel Shocks for the Axial SCX24

  • – $7.99 (set of 2) $14.99 (set of 4) Save 5% with one-time coupon code SMALLSCALERC5
  • – $22.98 (set of 4)