Review: Injora 32mm Aluminum-bodied Shocks for the Axial SCX24

Review: Injora 32mm Aluminum-bodied Shocks for the Axial SCX24

The list of upgrades available for the SCX24 continues to grow. Injora has been increasing its array of upgrades, ranging from tires, wheels, chassis weights, shocks, and more. After installing Injora’s 40mm Internal Spring Shocks on my SCX24 Deadbolt, I wanted to test out another of their shock upgrades; 32mm Aluminum-bodied, Adjustable Shocks ($14.99).

While it’s hard to outdo the performance of the stock SCX24 shocks, you can improve the appearance of your rig to make it a one-of-a-kind machine. Injora was kind enough to send me a set of these shocks, which I quickly installed on an SCX24 Jeep Wrangler.

What’s Included:

  • 2 ($7.99) or 4 ($14.99) Injora 32mm Aluminum-bodied Shocks (with “soft” springs pre-installed)
  • 1 set of “medium” springs
  • 1 set of “hard” springs
  • 1 Allen/hex wrench
  • Installation hardware (screws, o-rings, pivot balls)


Replacing a set of shocks on a 1/24-scale R/C crawler isn’t a difficult task. If you’ve replaced the shocks on a 1/10-scale or larger model, you have an excellent roadmap to work off of. That said, the hardware you’re working with is quite small, so you’ll want to make sure you have a container or magnet nearby to help you wrangle the tiny screws and other bits needed during installation.

For my installation process, I began by removing the wheels and then the stock shocks from the SCX24. The screw-in pivot balls included with the factory SCX24 shocks aren’t needed for the Injora shocks, so they can remain inserted into the stock shock caps. After removing the stock hardware, you’ll need to install the rubber o-rings onto the new pivot balls that are included with the Injora shocks. These tend to fly off, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your workspace and the surrounding area.

Once the pivot balls have been added to the shocks, you can secure them to the shock mounting holes found in the chassis of the SCX24. After you’ve completed one shock installation, repeat the process on the remaining three shocks, and you’ll be up and running in no time.


Injora’s 32mm Aluminum SCX24 Shocks are some of the best I’ve encountered when it comes to visual appeal. They offer several color combinations, making it dead-simple to coordinate and customize the color palette on your small-scale R/C crawler. At the time, my SCX24 Jeep Wrangler was bone-stock, but I immediately had an idea of what colors I wanted to add to it to make it my own.

The black and gold adjustable shocks add a subtle dose of color that livens up the Wrangler’s white, green, and black scheme. I wasn’t going for a crazy color makeover, so these shocks fit the bill quite nicely.


As mentioned before, you have to go to great lengths to find a set of aftermarket shocks that meet or exceed the performance of the SCX24’s stock set of shocks. While I’d like to say that Injora’s shocks help turn the tide, they don’t. Before you write these shocks off, they do offer decent performance. The default spring strength is listed as “soft” with a set of “medium,” and “hard” springs also included in the shock package.

Injora’s “soft” springs should probably be rated as “medium” as they don’t have as much ease of compression and free travel as opposed to the SCX24’s stock shocks. While the performance may not match the stock shocks, I haven’t run into many issues where these upgraded shocks negatively affect my SCX24 experience.

On a recent outdoor adventure, I drove my SCX24 Jeep through an array of obstacles and only had one or two instances of “tippage”.

The Final Verdict

The relatively low cost of the SCX24 may cause you to keep your upgrade budget in check. With many upgrade options to choose from, I’ve been impressed by the quality offered by Injora’s budget-friendly upgrades. These shocks, while not performance enhancers, do add a nice visual tweak while providing for added adjustability.

At a price that’s just under $20, this is a solid add-on if you’re looking to customize your Axial SCX24.

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