Review: Injora 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels for 1/24-scale Crawlers

Review: Injora 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels for 1/24-scale Crawlers

Another day, another set of upgrades for the SCX24. This time around, I’m taking a first-hand look at Injora’s 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels for 1/24-scale R/C crawlers like the Axial SCX24, Carisma MSA-1E, Element RC Enduro 24, and others.

Injora sent me a set of their 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels ($19.99) to test out on my SCX24 Jeep Wrangler. This rig has become an unofficial test mule for Injora gear, so I looked forward to seeing how these wheels looked and worked on this machine.

What’s Included:

  • 4 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels ($19.99)
  • 4 Beadlock Wheel Rings
  • 4 Wheel hexes
  • Assembly Hardware


In terms of visual style, these wheels give off an aura of ruggedness. Much like 1:1 beadlock wheels, this small-scale version utilizes outer rings to help hold the tire to the wheel. Injora offers a variety of color options and color combinations for this wheel style, so you can select an option that best fits your vehicle’s color scheme.

Being a traditionalist, I choose a black-on-black color scheme, which matches well with any body color. These wheels arrive unassembled, so you’ll need to spend some time inserting all of the hardware, from the six center screws to the “almost too many to count” beadlock ring screws.

Although assembly can be a bit tedious, rest assured the end result is well worth it.


Similar to their other aluminum wheels, a set of these 1.0″ beadlock wheels won’t add much weight to your rig. On the flip side, they don’t hurt performance either, so if you’re pairing these with a set of high-grip tires, you should have a setup that’s well-suited for just about any type of terrain.

I paired these wheels with a set of Injora’s 1.0″ All Terrain Soft Rubber Tires ($9.99) and had no issues crawling over a variety of items such as sticks, logs, rocks, and more.

The Final Verdict

I have yet to meet an SCX24 upgrade that I haven’t loved, and these wheels are no exception. While there is a bit of up-front assembly required, I was very happy with the end result and loved the aggressive, rugged visual that they lend to my SCX24 Jeep Wrangler.

With their solid fit and finish and budget-friendly cost, these wheels are an excellent option for anyone looking to modify their stock 1/24-scale R/C crawler.

Where You can Buy Injora’s 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels