Optional parts announced for the HPI Baja Q32

Optional parts announced for the HPI Baja Q32

The just-released Baja Q32 from HPI has a few tricks up it’s (small) sleeves.  Taking a different path than the similiarly-sized models from ECX, the Baja Q32 now has optional parts that you can purchase to customize your buggy.

There are three categories of option parts that are available: Chassis Components, Drivetrain and Electronics.  From a clear body, firm foam tires, high speed gears, and an USB charger, you can customize much of this tiny little racer.

Chassis Components



Given the small size of this model, it’s refreshing to see so many optional parts available, making this an attractive purchase for those that like to tinker and upgrade their R/C cars, no matter what scale they may be.

Image credit: HPI