Let’s Go Small-scale Crawling with Three 1/24-scale Rigs [Video]

Let’s Go Small-scale Crawling with Three 1/24-scale Rigs [Video]

With the addition of the RGT Adventurer V2 to my lineup of small-scale R/C crawlers, I had to see how it stacked up against the competition. So far, my two favorite models in this size category are the Axial SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 and the Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E 1976 Ford F-150. All three vehicles feature similar characteristics, but how would they fare when faced with the same course conditions?

While not a true shootout, I set up an outdoor crawling course to see how each vehicle would fare. The course, which consisted of logs, sticks, rocks, weathered lumber, and other elements, provided a variety of challenges, with steep inclines and tricky obstacles throughout.

All three models were in stock configuration, no weight had been added or adjustments had been made to the chassis or suspension to improve crawling performance. This was a box-stock run, one that all three vehicles fared incredibly well with.

If I were to rank each machine based on its performance, I’d give a slight edge to the SCX24, which benefitted from its slightly higher ground clearance and slimmer axle housings. Before I knew it, I had run through the length of the course without giving it much thought.

The Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E and RGT Adventurer V2 were tied for second (a close second) behind the SCX24. They were more closely matched with their smaller tire size and beefier axle housings. Surprisingly, neither of these two trucks had many issues as the navigated the course, save for a few small snags.

If you’re looking to bring some small-scale crawling action into your life, you can’t go wrong with any of these three models.