Kyosho Pocket Armour 1/60 R/C Tank: The Review

Kyosho Pocket Armour 1/60 R/C Tank: The Review

If I’ve learned anything from this hobby, it’s that you can create a radio-controlled model out of any type of vehicle. While cars, trucks, and plans  are the most common, it doesn’t take long to discover that anything with tires or treads, can be miniaturized and mobilized.

Last Christmas, Santa Claus left a unique R/C gift for one of my children. With an interest in military equipment and vehicles, this specific gift was a Kyosho Pocket Armour 1/60-scale tank. Controlled by either an Android or iOS device over Bluetooth (using the Pocket Armour iDriver app), this is a highly-detailed model that almost looks too delicate to drive. The tank models that Kyosho’s lineup replicates the following tank models; the Abrams M1A2, the Paid Type10 and the Type 90.

The model that my son received was an Abrams M1A2 and I gifted myself a Type 90 tank this year. These models are surprisingly capable, given their small size and light weight and make for fun boredom busters when you need a break from everyday life.

What’s Included

  • 1 Kyosho Pocket Armour 1/60-scale Bluetooth-controlled tank
  • Various accessories for (complete detailing)
  • 2 Spare tank tracks
  • 1 Instruction manual

Unboxing the Kyosho Pocket Armour 1/60 R/C Tank

The Tank

Visually, this tank is rich with fine details and accents that make this worthy of prime shelf-space when it’s not in use. In all honesty, the level of detail rivals that of a plastic model kit, in my eyes. While there are some ultra-fine details that may have been left out, this is a beautiful piece of military machinery to look at, no matter what interest you may have in wartime weaponry.

Aside from its looks, the Kyosho Pocket Armour tankS function as you’d expect tanks to perform. They motor along with their Two tank treads, powered by dual motors, and manage to get over many small obstacles and barriers. That may be the most surprising aspect of these tiny tanks; their Overcome tricky terrain.

I threw some odds and ends in front of this tank, from wooden shims to smaller toy accessories, and the Pocket Armour motored over and/or around just about everything. There were some heights that it couldn’t manage to tackle, however, it surpassed every expectation that I had.

One area of brief disappointment was discovering that the turret movement was not controlled through the app, but relies on manual positioning. While I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case, I can see how a $49.99 tank can’t be expected to feature complete automation. The abilities that the Kyosho Pocket Armour Tank has, along with the scale visual appeal, greatly make up for the lack of a motorized turret.

The Controls

Since this model is controlled over a Bluetooth connection from an Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet), a physical controller isn’t included (or necessary). The Pocket Armour app is both easy to find in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once loaded, the instructions are relatively easy to understand, with pairing your tank to your phone being the first order of business.


Once setup is complete, you have a minimalistic control panel for controlling the movement and “weapons” of the tank. While firing the cannon will visually and audibly replicate recoil, the machine gun effect is purely audible.

Maneuvering the tank couldn’t be any easier, with four buttons (left/right) controlling the tracks forward and backward movement. The tank can then be turned by pressing a single forward or backward button on either side. Faster turns can be achieved through pressing one forward and one backward button on opposite sides of the control pad.

Rolling Thunder

As mentioned earlier, the Kyosho Pocket Armour tanks are quite capable machines for their size. They easily roll over small-to-medium obstacles, and do so in a realistic manner. Their top-end speed is impressive, but it doesn’t come across as being unrealistic.

Adding to the visual fun that this tank model brings are sound effects that are supplied by the smartphone/device app. You can toggle the sounds of tank treads rumbling, machine guns rattling and the cannon blasting, off or on, depending on your mood or environment. When we’ve had two tanks going a the same time, it greatly adds to the atmosphere of the small-scale skirmishes that take place.

Is the Kyosho Pocket Armour Tank the right R/C Tank for You?

A radio-controlled tank probably isn’t the first type of vehicle that you’d consider purchasing to start up an R/C collection. However, if you’re looking for a smaller, unique model that features amazing details and features, this model is worth taking a look at. Fans of military history and machinery will appreciate the visual elements that are built into these tanks and you can have some fun, friendly battles with two or more of these mini-monsters motoring around your living room floor.

For someone looking to build their collection of R/C vehicles, or just for a unique, fun vehicle to drive around, the Kyosho Pocket Armour tank is a nice addition.

Where to buy the Kyosho Pocket Armour 1/60 Tank