Kyosho Mini-Z RWD Toyota 86 Readyset

Kyosho Mini-Z RWD Toyota 86 Readyset

Everyone dreams of parking a rear-wheel drive sports car in their garage, no matter what size it may be. For fans of Toyota models, Kyosho has introduced a new option into their Mini-Z lineup, the Toyota 86 RWD.

Riding on their MR-03 chassis, this model features a compact chassis design intended for indoor fun and on-track action. This “Readyset” (or ready-to-run/RTR) model features functioning LED headlight and taillights, an adjustable tread width (narrow or wide), and 2.4GHz Syncro KT-531P transmitter.

Kyosho Mini-Z Toyota 86 - Rear

Modeled after the 1:1 Toyota 86, this small-scale replica features vidual details such as grille mesh, clear headlamps, side-view mirrors, windshield wipers and more. Two base color options are available as well (burnt orange or white), giving you an opportunity to customize this Mini-Z to match your personal style.

Kyosho Mini-Z RWD Toyota 86 Specs:

  • Length: 162.0mm
  • Width: 70.8mm
  • Height: 48.5mm
  • Wheelbase: 94mm (L)
  • Chassis-type: RWD (MR-03)
  • Front Wheel Offset: Narrow +1.5mm (for RWD)
  • Rear Wheel Offset: Wide -0.8mm (for RWD)
  • Radio System: Syncro KT-531P

Kyosho Mini-Z Toyota 86 - Controller

Priced at $174.99, the Kyosho Mini-Z RWD Toyota 86 is available directly from Kyosho as well as through many Kyosho dealers. Visit to learn more about this small-scale on-road R/C car.

Image credit: Kyosho