Head Into Adventure with the FMS FCX24M Land Rover Camel Trophy Edition Lineup

Head Into Adventure with the FMS FCX24M Land Rover Camel Trophy Edition Lineup

The folks at FMS are all-in when it comes to the small-scale R/C crawling scene. With their array of models and platforms covering the 1/24 (FCX24), 1/18 (FCX18), and 1/12 scale of vehicles, you’d think they’d be content adding to those families.

Well, they aren’t. Introducing FMS’s newest 1/24-scale platform, the FCX24M Camel Trophy Edition. Featuring four new models replicating the various 1:1 Land Rover models used in the Camel Trophy series, these new small-scale trail machines not only look great, but they have some solid performance chops as well.

While I’m not 100% certain, the addition of “M” to the model name might have something to do with their overall size. Slightly smaller than the vehicles in the FCX24 lineup, the FCX24M Camel Trophy models feature different lengths, wheelbases, and approach and departure angles throughout the lineup.

Other differences between the FCX24M and FCX24 Land Rover models include straight axles (compared to portal axles on existing models) and a hook-and-loop secured front body mount with a hinged rear mount. All of the FCX24M Camel Trophy models have ABS plastic hardbodies molded in yellow plastic.

While differences between the FCX24M and FCX24 do exist, there are similarities between the platforms, including a two-speed transmission, LED headlights, and 2S LiPo batteries.

The visual detail on these models has also been stepped up, with each Land Rover replica featuring an exocage, roof rack, spare tire, and pre-applied Camel Trophy decals. Certain models also include sand ladders with mounting hardware.

Additional scale accessories are available for purchase through FMS (save $5 with code RCNEWB) or if you’re crafty, you can handcraft or 3D print your own array of items to fully outfit them for adventure.

The FMS FCX24M Land Rover Camel Trophy Edition Family:

Each model in the FCX24M Camel Trophy lineup is priced at $119.99 and will be available through FMS and its dealers. Additionally, FMS has launched a pre-order deal to help you save when you buy multiple models. Visit fmshobby.com to learn more about this new small-scale crawling platform.

Where to Buy the FCX24 Camel Trophy Edition Vehicles:

Image credit: FMS