GL Racing Introduces the 1/27-scale GLR Chassis

GL Racing Introduces the 1/27-scale GLR Chassis

Just when I think I know all of the players on the R/C landscape, a new one appears on my radar. GL Racing, a brand focused on small-scale, high-performance R/C vehicles, has announced a new option for on-road racers. The GLR is a 1/27-scale, rear-wheel-drive chassis kit which serves as a starting point for those looking to get into small-scale carpet or asphalt racing.

The GLR chassis is based on their all-wheel-drive GLA chassis and features a low center of gravity, carbon-fiber chassis plate, and plenty of aluminum elements for added durability.

GL Racing Chassis - Side

To complete the build, you’ll need to provide a radio transmitter and receiver, 15mm brushless motor, ESC, 2S LiPo battery (and charger), Kyosho Mini-Z-style tires, wheels, and body (98mm) and assembly tools.

Priced at $189.00, the GL Racing GLR chassis kit is available online at Visit the GL Racing website for additional details on this R/C racing model.

Image credit: GL Racing