Furitek Launches Four Brushless Power Systems for the Redcat Ascent-18

Furitek Launches Four Brushless Power Systems for the Redcat Ascent-18

If you want to turn your Redcat Ascent-18 into a brushless crawling dynamo, you’ll want to check out Furitek’s latest releases for the 1/18-scale crawler.

To kick things off, the Furitek Starter 2S Brushless Power System ($89.99) offers an entryway into brushless power for just under $100. As the name implies, this ESC and motor combo can handle 2S LiPo power for hobbyists who want a plug-and-play solution for their small-scale crawler.

This package includes a Lizard Pro 30A/50A Brushed/Brushless ESC with FOC tech, a WiFi tuning module, a Venom 1212 3450kv Brushless Motor, and a 12T Steel Pinion Gear. You will need to supply your own radio system (receiver and transmitter) before putting the Starter 2S Brushless Power System into action.

If you’d prefer to use the transmitter that’s included with the Redcat Ascent-18, Furitek also offers the 2S Starter Brushless Power System with a receiver that’s compatible with the RTR transmitter (for $99.99).

Kicking things up a notch, Furitek has also unveiled its Torpedo Brushless Power System for the Redcat Ascent-18 ($149.99). Similar to the Starter 2S package, this motor and ESC combo offers FOC technology, real-time tuning, and a plug-and-play setup, with the added benefit of 2S-4S support and a smooth 3456kv brushless Cedar motor.

Like the Starter 2S system, the Torpedo Brushless Power System is also available with a receiver ($159.99).

Learn more about these brushless motor and ESC combos for the Redcat Ascent-18 at furitek.com.

Image credit: Furitek