FMS 1/24-scale FCX24 Power Wagon

FMS 1/24-scale FCX24 Power Wagon

It looks like FMS has set its sights on the ultra-popular 1/24-scale crawling scene. After releasing a number of beautifully-detailed 1/18-to-1/12-scale models, they have released the FCX24 Power Wagon, a cage-backed, retro-inspired truck that looks…well, interesting.

With the front-end styling of an old-school Dodge (or Doug) Power Wagon and the rear of a super-short bed pickup, this truck has a mix of features that make it a unique offering in the 1/24-scale crawling scene. Capping off the visuals of this rig are narrow, tractor-tread tires that are mounted on red wheels. Clearly borrowing some elements (and parts) from the FMS Mogrich, this model could make for some interesting customization projects.

Under the hood (or cab), you’ll find a 130-size brushed motor, portal axles, oil-filled shocks, metal axle shafts, and CVD universal joints. It’s also worth noting that the body attaches to the chassis through a post-free, “clipless” mounting system.

FMS FCX24 Power Wagon Specs:

  • Length: 210mm
  • Width: 124mm
  • Height: 132mm
  • Wheelbase: 132mm
  • Ground Clearance: 26mm
  • Weight: 390g
  • Approach Angle: 68 degrees
  • Departure Angle: 90+ degrees

Priced at $149.99, the FCX24 Power Wagon is available through FMS and their dealers. Visit to learn more about this 1/24-scale R/C crawler.

Image credit: FMS