First-Impressions: Xotik XC324 “Manga Spirit”

First-Impressions: Xotik XC324 “Manga Spirit”

Being stuck indoors isn’t too bad when you have an array of small-scale R/C vehicles to unwind with. One of the newer models to arrive on the scene is the XC324 from Xotik. This 1/32-scale radio-controlled machine looks like a Tamiya Mini 4WD, but that similarity is only skin deep as Xotik’s lineup gives you a fully-proportional R/C experience that can go just about anywhere.

To get a better feel for this lineup, the Xotik team set me up with a review model of their Manga Spirit racer. “Fun” doesn’t begin to describe the experience of this small-scale radio-controlled machine.

What’s in the box:

Hands-on with the Xotik XC324

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake any of Xotik’s 1/32-scale cars with the popular, non-R/C Mini 4WD racers from Tamiya. The sizing, proportions, and distinctive roller-bumpers make these two vehicle types look like long-lost cousins. The beauty behind the XC324, however, is that you can run these anywhere you’d like, with total control.

The track-fitting chassis design certainly lends itself to closed-circuit competition. That said, the go-anywhere freedom that you get from the 2.4GHz radio system makes this an incredibly fun vehicle to drive wherever you’d like.

After pulling the XC324 out of its package, I was struck by how solid this vehicle felt. While it’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel flimsy, which is a definite bonus when it comes to the potential for contact and impact. I received a review model with the Manga Spirit body, which looks like a futuristic race car that was transported from a cartoon series into real life. The polycarbonate body is pleasantly sturdy, especially for a small-scale vehicle. I wouldn’t fear damaging this vehicle if racing it on track or against others in a free-for-all setting. Although I advise against trying this yourself, it survived a tumble down a flight of stairs without a scratch on it.

On the performance end, this little car won’t set any speed records, but it is quite zippy. Acceleration appears to be quicker than that of similarly-sized models such as Team Associated’s 1/28-scale lineup. Handling performance is also quite nice. I wish the turning radius was a bit tighter with the stock setup, but the two optional tie rods might help out in this area.

Sharp, fun styling, a durable chassis, and solid performance are just a few parts of the equation, but how is the radio system? The transmitter is a bit on the “small side” when compared to other R/C models, but it feels very nice when holding and using it. The push-button power switch illuminates when the unit is turned on and you have the ability to adjust steering trim through two buttons at the top of the controller.

I haven’t tested the XC324 “Manga Spirit” on a track, but my indoor adventures have ranged from carpet to wooden floors, both offering a fun driving experience. I’m looking forward to spending more time driving this small-scale racer as I finalize my review.

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