First Impressions: Carisma GT24B Radio-Controlled Buggy

First Impressions: Carisma GT24B Radio-Controlled Buggy

Following in the tire tracks of our last “first impressions” look is another small-scale, radio-controlled vehicle from Carisma. This time around, I’m taking a look at their GT24B buggy. As with other models in their GT24 lineup, this vehicle features 4-wheel drive, brushless (8000kV) power and runs on either 1S or 2S LiPo batteries.

Unboxing the Carisma GT24B

What’s Included:

  • 1 Carisma GT24B 1/24-scale buggy
  • 1 Carisma CTX8000 2-channel transmitter/controller
  • 1 USB charging adapter and cable
  • 2 AA batteries (for the transmitter/controller)
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Decal sheet

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Initial Impressions of the GT24T

The Chassis – The GT24B shares the same chassis and underbody components as the GT24T, however there are some differences that set these two models apart. Using friction shocks, there appears to be ample travel of these components, as well as the overall suspension setup.

The Tires – The tires are much smoother than what you’ll find on the GT24B’s monster truck cousin. That said, the GT24B tires are textured and provide enough grip to get the buggy straightened out when things get squirrelly.

The rubber compound is soft, but not super tacky. After a quick test on carpet, the tires have a decent amount of grip while still allowing the GT24B to slide the rear end (in a controlled fashion).

The Body – The Carisma GT24B features a body that’s similar to what you’ll find on larger-scale radio-controlled buggies. Having that same look on a 1/24-scale model is both fun to look at and clean to work with. The body is attached to the chassis with a front-facing tab (part of the body) and a body post hole (that doesn’t use body pins) in the rear. After a series of jumps and general indoor driving, the body remained intact and mounted as if it was just taken out of the box.

The Controller – The GT24T controller may be the most surprising piece of this RTR package. I’ve come across many a number of small-scale radio-controlled vehicles during my time in the hobby, and you never know what to expect from the controller. The physical size of the included CTX8000, a 2.4GHz, 2-channel transmitter, is the same as what you’d find in a 1/10 (or larger) model. It feels great when holding it and the amount of steering wheel tension may be the highest that I’ve ever come across.

There are numerous settings and adjustments that can be made on the CTX8000. Throttle and steering direction, trim, steering servo travel, and an included function button are all easily available from the right-side panel.

Carisma GT24B

Two Ready-to-Run Options to Choose From

Carisma offers two versions of GT24B, one that includes a 1S LiPo battery ($109.99) and one without ($99.99). While these two options don’t present a noticeable price difference, you’ll ultimately save on shipping cost as this model runs on a LiPo battery and is being shipped overseas.

With my review unit being of the “no-battery” variety, I searched out a compatible power pack to continue my testing. After some research, I found that Dromida’s 3.7V, 1S LiPo battery fits perfectly in the battery component of the GT24 series vehicles.

Time to Test

That’s all for this quick review of the GT24B R/C buggy. After a handful of indoor tests, it has been a great vehicle to drive and is perfect for blasting away boredom when I need a break from the daily grind. For hobbyists that are looking for a compact vehicle that doesn’t compromise on speed or performance, this might be a good option to take a look at.

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