Fair RC Releases the FCX24 Pumpkin Smasher Mod

Fair RC Releases the FCX24 Pumpkin Smasher Mod

If you’re searching for an FCX24 Smasher with a unique style, check out Fair RC’s latest modded machine, the FCX24 Pumpkin Smasher Mod. “Unique” is quite an understatement when it comes to the appearance of this machine.

With multiple colors on various body panels, this truck is a patchwork of colors that ranges from real to purple to pink. A Halloween-themed decal sheet is included with this truck, allowing you to decorate it however you’d like.

Under the hood, you’re getting the standard FMS FCX24 Smasher V2 with its brushed motor, two-speed transmission, ladder-frame chassis, and 1/24-scale monster truck tires. Learn more about the FCX24 Smasher V2 in our review.

The FCX24 Pumpkin Smasher Mod is priced at $169.99 and is available at fairrc.com.

Image credit: Fair RC