Explore the outdoors with Redcat Racing’s Everest-16

Explore the outdoors with Redcat Racing’s Everest-16

For those looking at the crawler scene, Redcat Racing has a new smaller-scale vehicle that might be just what you’re looking for.  The Everest-16 is a shaft-driven, RTR rock crawler that looks to be a very capable, and VERY fun little rig.

At first glance, it looked like the Everest-16 (and it’s larger counterpart, the 1/10 scale Everest) were refreshed replacements of the Sumo crawler. That first glance was deceiving as I missed the fact that this new entry is 1/16 scale, making it a larger option than the 1/24 scale Sumo. Another differentiator is that the Everest isn’t a MOA (motor on axle) machine but instead, features a single, center-mounted brushed motor as it’s power plant.  Another nice feature, which has become standard in today’s R/C offerings, is an included 2.4GHz radio system. Out of the box, this crawler should provide hours of fun for a very small price.

As a Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 owner, this machine has my gears turning as it could be a nice platform to build a “scale” truck or off-roader for a minimal initial investment.  You could also have a great time keeping it stock and running it as-is.  With nice details like bead-lock wheels, this has many possibilities for customization and modifications.

Speaking of price, Redcat Racing has the Everest-16 listed at $129.99.  Keep an eye out for discounts and other offers as we head into the holiday season, as this would make a great stocking-stuffer for the R/C enthusiast in your life.


  • Motor Type – Electric Brushed
  • Transmission – Forward and Reverse
  • Drive System – 4 Wheel Drive
  • Chassis Type – Aluminum
  • Shocks – Spring Coil
  • Speed Control – Brushed ESC
  • Battery – 2/3A, 7.2V, 1100MH Ni-MH
  • Radio System – 2.4GHz Radio System

Learn more about the Redcat Racing Everest-16 on at RedcatRacing.com.

Image credit: Redcat Racing