Element RC Goes Small-scale Crawling with the Enduro24 RTR

Element RC Goes Small-scale Crawling with the Enduro24 RTR

The 1/24-scale R/C crawler landscape has slowly been mirroring that of 1/10-scale rigs. What started out as a one or two-model scene has quickly grown to include brands such as Carisma Scale Adventure and Axial. The latest arrival to the party is Element RC, who is offering up a scaled-down take on their Enduro trail truck in the form of the Enduro24 RTR.

On the surface, this tiny truck looks like other 1/24-scale offerings from the brands mentioned above, but Element RC has made some small changes to their rig stand out from the rest. For one, you have what appears to be a functioning fairlead built into the front bumper. While that’s not a major revelation, it’s interesting to think about putting a servo winch into a vehicle that’s smaller than 1/10-scale.

Element RC Enduro24 Crawler - Chassis Bottom

Under the surface, the Enduro24 has a front-mounted motor and divorced transfer case, which is truly unique for a rig of this size. Along with that, you’ll find a chassis-mounted steering servo which is another carryover from larger-scale trail machines.

Two body color options are available on the Enduro24, black/yellow and red/blue. Both options are eye-catching and help set this rig apart from the pack.

Priced at $99.99, the Enduro24 will be available directly from Element RC and through their dealers. Visit elementrc.com to learn more about this small-scale R/C crawler.

Image credit: Element RC