Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E Subaru Brat

Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E Subaru Brat

Alongside their newly-announced MSA-1E Coyote Pup, Carisma Scale Adventure is releasing a small-scale rig for Subaru fans. Their MSA-1E Subaru Brat is a throwback to this late-70’s through early 90’s machine, offering a fairly detailed body in a 1/24-scale package.

Riding on their new MSA-1E chassis, this small-scale crawler joins the ranks of the Pro-Line Ambush 4×4ECX Barrage 1/24, and FTX Outback Mini as an option for indoor and outdoor crawling fanatics.

Carisma Scale Adventure Subaru Brat - Chassis Side

The MSA-1E Subaru Brat features locked axles, a 4WD drivetrain, 2.4GHz radio system, high torque micro servo, which should allow this rig to perform on a variety of trail conditions. Based on details of this model, there are available ports to plug in LED lights as well as an FPV camera to take your trailing experience to another level.

As far as appearance is concerned, it appears Carisma has crafted another beautiful R/C model. To help maintain the visual integrity of this model, they’ve opted to use Velcro body mounts rather than standard body posts, which gives Subaru Brat body a cleaner, more realistic look.

Carisma Scale Adventure Subaru Brat - Front

The price for the Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E Subaru Brat is estimated at around $120, although an official cost has yet to be announced. Visit the Carisma Scale Adventure Facebook page to learn more about this upcoming model.

Image credit: Carisma Scale Adventure