Carisma Releases the MSA-1E 2.0 Spec Subaru Brat

Carisma Releases the MSA-1E 2.0 Spec Subaru Brat

After tuning its lineup of 1/10-scale R/C crawlers, Carisma Scale Adventure has turned its attention to its 1/24-scale MSA-1E fleet. Just announced are two new “2.0 Spec” models, including the MSA-1E 2.0 Spec Subaru Brat. Refreshed on the inside and out, this new replica of Subaru’s sporty pick-up sports a new paint job along with some performance-focused changes under the hood.

The 1/24-scale MSA-1E 2.0 Spec Subaru Brat is powered by a 130-size brushed motor and offers 40% more torque than its predecessors. Along with this mammoth motor, the transmission and gearing have been reworked for improved low-end throttle performance.

This version of the MSA-1E also features stiffer springs than previous models, providing more support and less body wobble. Another change worth noting is the tires, which now offer a more scale tread pattern and slightly harder compound. The rest of the chassis platform remains untouched, with Carisma carrying over its nylon ladder-frame chassis to this new machine.

On the surface, the MSA-1E 2.0 Spec Subaru Brat features a gloss black paint job with red accents, a combination found on Carisma’s 1/10-scale SCA-1E Subaru Brat.

Priced at $137.99, the Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E 2.0 Spec Subaru Brat will be available from Carisma and its dealers. Visit to learn more about this small-scale R/C crawler.

Image credit: Carisma/Carisma Scale Adventure