Carisma Announces the GT24B

Carisma Announces the GT24B

As the march into 2015 continues, there have been a number of new radio-controlled vehicles announced and released, though most of them have been of the larger-scale variety.  Luckily for your small-scale fans, Carisma is releasing a new 1/24-scale buggy that should be an exciting little machine.

Fancy something palm size and stupid fast and runs LIPO as standard? Here comes GT24B, our 4WD 24th scale buggy.
Our new RTR radio and standard equipment for the GT24B, and it comes in two trim schemes.

The GT24B is not-only a smaller machine, but it comes packed with many features that you’d typically find on larger, 1/10 and 1/18-scale vehicles.  From it’s 4-wheel drive system to rubber tires and a LiPo battery, this is one vehicle that is sure to please folks both indoors and out.  While not much information has been released about it, I’m keeping a close eye on this model and will be sure to follow-up with more details as they become available.

Until then, check out Carisma’s website for the latest on this, and their other models.


Image credit: Carisma