Bang RC Gear Busts Out Brass Upgrades for the SCX24

Bang RC Gear Busts Out Brass Upgrades for the SCX24

The landscape of upgrades for the Axial SCX24 has been booming alongside the popularity of this small-scale R/C crawler. One of the players in this space, Bang RC Gear, has expanded its lineup of 3D printed scale accessories and chassis updates to now include brass wheel and chassis parts to add weight and crawling performance to your rig.

For easy, bolt-on weight, Bang RC Gear offers a 9g Brass Diff Cover for $15.99. This will let you add a decent amount of non-rolling weight to the lowest part of your SCX24 chassis for improved stability and crawling performance. The Brass Diff Cover is also available as a combo pack (alongside the Bang RC Gear Skid Plate) for $24.99.

For even more weight, you can add their 8g Brass Front Steering Knuckles for $24.99. Designed for the front axle of the SCX24, these replace the stock plastic steering knuckles for even more low-end weight.

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Image credit: Bang RC Gear