Upgrades and Hop-Ups for the Axial Yeti Jr. (Rock Racer & SCORE Trophy Truck)

Upgrades and Hop-Ups for the Axial Yeti Jr. (Rock Racer & SCORE Trophy Truck)

Boost the performance of these versatile 1/18-scale vehicles with motor, servo, and chassis hop-ups.

The two vehicles in Axial’s 1/18 off-road lineup have gained an impressive following since being released in late 2016. The Yeti Jr. Rock Racer and Yeti Jr. SCORE Trophy Truck are quite capable out of the box, however there are always upgrades and adjustments you can make to wring out even more performance.

Here are a selection of upgrade parts to help you customize and enhance the looks, handling and power of these small-scale machines.

Motor and ESC (Electronic Speed Control)

Out of the box, the Yeti Jr’s 40-T brushed motor Is a capable and sporty option. That said, there is always room for improvement…and more speed. With a number of options available, swapping out the stock motor and ESC is an easy quick way to bump up the speed and power of this small-scale machine.

Steering Servo

The stock servo that is shipped with the Axial Yeti Jr. is one area that you may want to look at replacing before anything else. Improve the steering response and power with the following, compatible options.

Suspension, Chassis and Drivetrain

If you’re looking to improve the appearance and handling of your 1/18 Yeti Jr, there are a number of chassis and suspension components that you can upgrade.

Wheels and Tires

One final way to boost the appearance of your Axial Yeti Jr. is to give it a new set of wheels. Not only will the looks of your off-road rig get a boost, but you may be able to add a bit of weight to this featherlight vehicle.

No matter what upgrade path you choose, there are a number of great ways to customize the appearance, performance, and handling of your Axial Yeti Jr. Even swapping out internal component can turn this small-scale vehicle into an entirely-new machine.